Bringing Workflow Intelligence to the Edge

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AI and ML technologies are transforming media production, but reliance on public cloud costs, upload times, and egress fees limit where content processing can be done.

Perifery AI+ represents a breakthrough in media content production at the edge, enabling simple-to-execute AI functions, predictable costs, and fast AI-enabled pre-processing for remote and on-set content production.
Bringing Workflow Intelligence to the Edge
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AI+ works with Swarm SW and the Perifery Transporter to provide AI Application-centric services for production workflows. By moving common AI based tasks from the cloud to where content is created, you can more quickly accomplish AI and prescriptive workflow tasks with less cost and effort.

Not all functions require large data sets in public cloud and some are completely tied to the production you are working on and have limited data sets.

AI+ helps to eliminate public cloud reliance by allowing you to perform AI-based functions locally, taking advantage of the wide market of pre-trained AI models and apply directly where the data resides.
These are ideal to move closer to production, on set, remote, or anywhere. Smaller independents can benefit from AI capabilities without long cloud upload times and unpredictable processing and egress fees. AI+ can reduce model loading times and make AI and ML easier for smaller workgroups.
  • Improves efficiency by enabling AI capabilities at the edge
  • Simplifies media production workflow
  • Ensures time of delivery
  • Cost-effective extension of your cloud workflow
  • Reduces AI modeling time and complexity

Bringing Innovation to the Edge

Traditionally, AI processing services have focused on providing content creators and owners the ability to use AI-embedded products in the cloud.

While cloud-enabled apps, services, and tools have become invaluable in media production for their ability to help companies meet deadlines and reduce operational costs, the cloud has unpredictable costs, and many AI operations require time and effort on intense model training.

Uploading and downloading assets into the public cloud combined with unpredictable egress fees and training complexity, make using some cloud services impractical or more expensive than anticipated, offsetting its many benefits.

Perifery AI

Streamline Workflows While Saving Time and Money

Perifery AI+ splits processes between the cloud and the edge (i.e., a remote location or in-facility), saving media companies substantial time and money on production costs.

Mid-size organizations that pay a significant amount of money to use the cloud for processing can now perform many pre-process functions at the edge to reduce their operational expenses.

AI+ will be available Q4 2023

Speed Adobe Workflows with Perifery Panel

State-of-the-art Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro users, streamlines access to content directly from Perifery Transporter and Swarm software solutions.

Editors can just drag and drop media into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, without having to use search tools outside the application, and they can instantly enrich metadata and classify digital assets for rapid retrieval.

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