Protect All Your Backups With Secure Object Storage

Scalable and resilient storage to safeguard backups from security threats, hardware failures, and other data loss risks
Data is growing at an unprecedented rate in today’s digital world. Managing, storing, and protecting all this data is of paramount importance to organizations. Where data is stored and with what level of protection against external and internal threats and infrastructure failures forms the basis of a robust data protection strategy.
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Backups are generally considered the last line of defense against data loss, so preserving and protecting backups is mission-critical to meet recovery objectives.

This drives the exigency for organizations to assure backups are protected on secure storage for long-term retention, recovery, and compliance.
Perifery Swarm is your comprehensive solution for modern backup applications. Its scalable, highly durable, and cost-effective object storage platform ensures seamless data protection, easy access, and rapid recovery, all while reducing storage complexity and costs.

Trust Swarm to safeguard your critical backups and streamline your backup infrastructure so you can focus on what matters most: ensuring data availability and business continuity.

The Need to Protect Data; Before and After an Incident

As IT departments gear up with data protection tools and tactics to secure data and adhere to compliance regulations, it is important to factor in the role of data storage in meeting these objectives.

In addition to protecting data and mitigating security risks, being able to quickly recover from a data loss incident is mission critical.

  • If there is a ransomware attack, how will you ensure your data is protected?
  • How do you ensure your backup data is not tampered with and is always available for restoring?
  • Are you able to protect your data from accidental deletions, bit rot, and data corruption?
  • Should there be a hardware failure, can you recover the lost data from that storage/server/site?
  • How do you stop unauthorized data access and protect data integrity?

Perifery Swarm

A massively scalable cost-effective object storage platform to manage the mounting volume of backups

Organizations benefit from a secure and reliable secondary storage to protect backups, which are stored on-premises, thus enabling better data governance and adherence with IT security policies.

Swarm delivers a multi-pronged approach to data protection that enables storage of more backups, less time managing storage, and reduced storage TCO. It is easy to scale capacity from a few hundred TBs to multiple PBs and safeguard all your data in a centralized repository.

  • Reduce costs by storing backups on cost-effective S3 object storage
  • Meet RPO and RTO goals by making backups highly available and instantly accessible
  • Increase confidence in backup integrity and restores with self-healing and data protection
  • Safeguard against downtime and data loss with proven durability and resilience
  • Easily scale to support growing backup files
  • Simplify storage management and ensure fast recovery

Compliance Use Cases

The Perifery Swarm solution helps meet regulatory compliance requirements for data storage and protection. Organizations benefit from a secure and reliable secondary storage to protect backups, which are stored on-premises, thus enabling better data governance and adherence with IT security policies.


Satisfy regulatory mandates that require data and backups to be stored on non-erasable, non-rewritable media.

Legal Hold

Create a point-in-time snapshot of a set of files (backup, media, etc.) at a specified time. The files are then immutably stored regardless of what happens to the original file or cluster.

This lets you prove in a court of law that content has not been altered.

Retention Schedule

Retain data within your data center for as long as needed based on custom timelines.

Then, move the data to a cold archive (e.g., cloud) or purge really old files and backups if they are not needed anymore.

Audit Logs

These are another instrumental resource to help with post-data breach investigations and compliance reporting.

Content Integrity Seals

Obtain and validate integrity guarantees on data in transit by hashing it using a cryptographic hash algorithm.


Swarm facilitates compliance with many regulatory policies such as SEC, FNRA, CFTC, MiFID II, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.


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