The Problem: Never Ending Data Growth

The Solution: Active Archive with Swarm Object Storage

Active Archive with Periphery Swarm Object Storage
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Consider an on-premises active archive storage solution if:

  • You’re struggling to manage the ever-increasing amount of data
  • You’re experiencing delays when trying to access archived data
  • You have concerns about the long-term durability and integrity of your data
  • Storage costs are becoming a concern as your organization’s data volumes increase
  • You are looking to reduce the time and effort your IT team spends managing and maintaining your data archives
  • You face compliance standards or regulations that require long-term data preservation
  • You are concerned about securing your archived data?
  • Unavailability of data due to hardware failures or scheduled maintenance impacts your business operations
  • You are seeking ways to optimize data migration and storage tiering strategies
The quest for highly scalable, cost-effective, easily accessible, and future-proof archive solutions with robust data protection measures is crucial to ensuring data's enduring security and preservation.

The expenses tied to frequent access to public cloud data services can be erratic, inefficient, and burdensome to oversee.

Storing substantial volumes of assets in primary storage is often infeasible cost-wise and falls short of the required security standards.
As the demand for data management and accessibility grows, there is a need for active archiving solutions that can handle petabyte-scale storage while allowing quick and easy retrieval of information.

Perifery Swarm offers a platform that addresses these challenges by providing scalable storage capacity for petabytes of data or billions of objects and the agility to locate and retrieve data swiftly.

You can automatically offload video files, multimedia images, old and inactive data, log files, and backups, and then recall them readily when you need to.

Never Ending Data Growth

Is your organization struggling with the exponential growth of digital assets? Is there an increasing demand for more efficient data management, preservation, and accessibility within your organization?

Are you seeking solutions that can seamlessly scale to petabyte levels to address your growing data needs?

Do the complexity and costs of managing multiple storage systems present challenges in safeguarding your data for the long term?

Challenges in Managing Exponential Data Growth
  • Rapid expansion of digital assets
  • Avoid sprawl and ensure accessibility
Need for Scalable Solutions
  • Seamless scalability to petabyte levels
  • Long-term data preservation with data accessibility
Complexity and Cost Hurdles
  • Overhead of maintaining multiple storage systems
  • Costs of storage infrastructure and long-term data safeguarding
Cost Chart

Cost Considerations

Primary Storage
  • Expensive and optimized for high-performance data access
  • Not cost-effective for long-term storage and retrieval of archived data
Public Clouds
  • Unpredictable costs and limited control over data location
  • Potential high long-term expenses

Active Archive with Perifery Swarm Object Storage

Store data efficiently, securely, and accessibly

Offload File Servers
Offload File
Secure Long- Term Storage
Secure Long- Term Storage
Always On Data Access
Always On
Data Access
Intuitive Content Portal
Content Portal
Tape / Cloud Alternative
Tape / Cloud
  • Outstanding performance for data access and retrieval
  • Excels in handling sizeable, petabyte-level data volumes
  • Data retention policies are for meeting compliance or regulatory requirements
  • Dramatically reduces ongoing IT costs by data management automation
  • Cost-effective active archival
  • Efficient, scalable object retrieval using metadata-based search
  • Data preservation and protection using replication, erasure coding, integrity checks, and self-healing
  • Seamless integration into existing workflows through supporting APIs, such as S3 API and RESTful API, and applications such as Media Asset Managers (MAMs)
Store data efficiently, securely, and accessibly

Benefits of the Swarm Solution

Our certified partners can deploy Swarm software on your choice of hardware that best fits your needs and budget. Perifery Swarm offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for active archiving:

  • High-Speed Data Access: Outstanding performance by utilizing its object-based storage architecture for rapid access and retrieval of data for demanding workloads.
  • Scalability: Excels in handling petabyte-level data volumes for active archiving
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable without the soaring costs associated with primary storage and sub-optimal ROI of LTO.
  • Metadata-Driven Search: Efficient retrieval of objects even as data volumes expand over time.
  • Reduced IT OpEx: Automated data management, simplifying scalability, bolstering data security, and providing self-service capabilities.
  • Data Preservation and Protection: Archived data remains protected and preserved using replication, erasure coding, integrity checks, and self-healing.
  • Integration and Compatibility: seamless integration into existing workflows through the support of a range of APIs, such as S3 API and RESTful API, and applications such as Media Asset Managers (MAMs).

Use Cases

Thousands of IT pros have benefitted from DataCore solutions.

"We chose Swarm because it was the most flexible platform for us and had good per-terabyte licensing. We started with 100 TBs and now have over 1.25 PBs across 200 nodes from different hardware vendors. Swarm is a key component to deliver that high-end quality service that NEP has always aimed for."

Gerbrand de Ridder
Head of R&D and Lead System Architect, NEP The Netherlands

"We could just plug a new node in and it would boot itself up automatically. There was no prep work. We had no OS installs. We could migrate disk groups between nodes and Swarm would decide if the disk was part of the node or not and move it around to the correct node."

Lakshmi Venkataswamy
CTO and Cofounder, iQ Media
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