A compact and powerful storage appliance with built-in media applications and multi-cloud support

Quattro manages media both on-prem and through to the cloud
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Object Matrix Quattro is a highly resilient on-prem storage platform that is easy to use, cost-effective, and comes in a very compact form factor, 2U rack mounted.
Quattro is a turnkey solution for managing media on-prem and in a multi-cloud environment. This is perfect for those organizations that just want to turn on a solution and use it.

Quattro is currently in use at news bureaus, post-production facilities, and production companies, to name a few. It can be deployed stand- alone, in hub and spoke configurations, or in a multi- cloud storage environment.

Space and Access Always the Issue

Managing media on-prem in smaller offices, bureaus, or production companies can be challenging as there is likely to be a lack of space and on-hand IT expertise. As those organizations look to the cloud, they face the same technical and commercial challenges.

Even larger organizations may have one or two large bases with many smaller satellite offices around the country or the world. For instance, we have the NFL looking to put one in each stadium all pushing local camera cards and content back to “base.”

They need solutions suitable for a hub and spoke topology deployed in remote bureaus for fast local ingest and local protection, providing replication for those at HQ.

Implementing multiple costly MAM solutions is both time-consuming and expensive to maintain.

That is where Quattro can help.

Bridging the Gap Between Creatives & Content

Scalable object storage for distributed data access, delivery, and archive

Quattro can be configured with 48TB to 132TB of storage and takes up just 2u in a standard IT rack. The appliance comprises three Object Matrix nodes that provide single or dual instance protection of content and the same high level of functionality and business benefits.

The fourth node is configured to run applications Vision and move2s3 applications. It provides a turnkey solution for managing media on-prem and in a multi-cloud environment, and it is perfect for those organizations that want to turn on a solution and use it.

Why Choose Quattro?

  • Automated synchronization of media and metadata with s3 compatible cloud storage platforms puts your content in your entire team’s hands
  • Ensures efficient global collaboration with internal and external teams
  • Increases operational efficiency for managing media assets and archive content
  • Provides simple and intuitive media management for on-prem or cloud-based media assets
  • Little or no IT skills are required to run or maintain this solution
  • Creative professionals can access assets from any of the remote locations thus increasing productivity with the ability to find, browse and share those assets

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