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Want an easier, more secure way to transport digital content from on-set locations back to your in-facility storage? Tired of battling the complexity, lack of durability, and security of RAID solutions?
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Perifery Transporter CSI Awards 2023 Shortlisted
IRIS is a new breed of secure, high-performance appliance. This fast, efficient, secure S3 cloud native media optimized appliance transports content between remote or on-set locations back to your in-facility Swarm. Quicker and easier and safer than common RAID arrays, there’s no time wasted rebuilding and re-preparing RAID arrays for use back in the field.
Ships in a premium rugged wheeled waterproof flight case. Set up in minutes! Featuring a rugged eight bay desktop design with dual 25Gb Ethernet interfaces. It can be used either as a standalone device, or with existing in-facility Swarm clusters.

Data can be imported into a main cluster with the push of a button. Once the data transfer is completed, the system can be reset and made ready to go back out on location within minutes!
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End-to-end production, secure asset protection and preservation with S3 native portable storage appliance
  • Sets up in minutes on-set, remote, or anywhere
  • End-to-end encryption for maximum content security
  • Ready to go back out in the field in minutes- no long RAID preparation
  • One-click import into main in-facility Swarm
  • Includes premium rugged wheeled waterproof flight case
  • Native S3 cloud connectivity
  • Integrated workflow tools
  • AI+ Workflow Ready
  • Award-winning global support
  • Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro
    Perifery Transporter
“This one-stop-shop media archiving solution is a simple, cost-predictable alternative to moving all media content into a long-term cloud. Using Perifery, can take advantage of sophisticated metadata handling capabilities and provide a better media management experience to our customers.” Logo
Sam Bogoch
Chief Executive Officer

Speed Adobe Workflows with Perifery Panel

State-of-the-art Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro users, streamlines access to content directly from IRIS and Swarm software solutions.

Editors can just drag and drop media into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, without having to use search tools outside the application, and they can instantly enrich metadata and classify digital assets for rapid retrieval.

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