The Media Industry is Driven by Content

That Content is Vulnerable. Protect It.

Protecting and preserving content is critical for all media organizations. The public and financial impact of the loss of any content can be significant.
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Content Preservation

On-demand workflows and the ability for creative professionals to access content from anywhere means that it is not possible, nor recommended, to have data disconnected from the rest of the organization in siloed networks or on tapes on shelves.
Additionally, there has been costly cybercrime, and cyber-attacks only make criminals and malicious individuals more targeted in how they attack, leaving media organizations vulnerable to losing their most precious asset: their content.

Select the Best Solution for Your Workflow

Perifery’s Object Matrix appliance and Swarm software delivers comprehensive security and long-term content protection. Our solutions fit seamlessly into your existing environment and are certified with popular media asset managers, archive, and backup applications.

All Perifery solutions provide global award-winning support.
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Swarm Software

Swarm shields your data from ransomware, disasters, and hardware failures, ensuring content remains intact. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, Rubrik, and more, adapting to your infrastructure.

With advanced encryption, immutability, WORM, and automated replication, Swarm secures your content from internal and external threats. Your data's integrity remains unwavering.
  • Deploy on standard x86 servers and storage from vendor of your choice
  • Trusted long-term content protection
  • Defends content from ransomware and cyber threats
  • Secure on-premises backup target
  • Works with all popular backup applications
  • Multi-facility replication for hybrid and cloud DR
  • Always on content access
  • Easy admin with user-centric management
  • Cost-predictable and futureproof
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Object Matrix

Object Matrix was built from the inside out with data security in mind. It provides a great number of benefits over SAN/NAS/scale-out file systems.

If you take digital asset security seriously but don’t want to spend your time managing complex cryptography, firewalls, and data policies, then you’ll appreciate that the storage is pre-configured with those core benefits and that individual storage pools of assets automatically have a high level of security applied.
  • Access to Object Matrix is always via an API with a strong user authentication model
  • Vaults of data can be made immutable – this can completely protect data from being changed by ransomware attacks, or from being accidentally or maliciously deleted
  • This low-level immutability means that many ransomware strategies that bypass gateways (e.g., by loading up in firmware) are protected from because the ransomware never has access to the O/S
  • User actions audited
    – even asset reads can be audited
  • Servers are heavily firewalled and can even be hosted on the web
  • Data transfer can be made with encrypted protocols and therefore becomes non- sniffable and non-spoofable
  • Individual vaults/buckets can have their own admin user
  • Unlike complex solutions with multiple software packages and because MatrixStore is cohesive, upgrades of one part of the infrastructure will not accidentally leave security holes in another part

Use Cases

Post Studio


Creative and post-production studio workflows are complex, with content being created in studio and in remote locationsand production often split between facility and remote workers.

While public cloud can be effective for remote production, the cost of frequently accessing content can be highly unpredictable, slow, and costly to manage. Keeping large amounts of assets in primary storage is often impractical, not to mention not secure. There is a better alternative.

Perifery offers digital content creators several in-facility and on-set solutions that are purpose built for nearline content archive, preservation, and distribution.

Solutions for Posts/Studios
Sports Media


Sports content producers including professional sports teams, leagues and universities need to ensure that recent and historical videos are always available when needed for delivery to their hungry and dedicated fan base.

Delivering reruns of the closest and most memorable matches and races to fans is a great opportunity for sports broadcasters to raise spirits among sports fans and utilize their archives.

Secure, cost effective, long term protection of these valuable assets is paramount for continued reuse and remonetization.

Solutions for Posts/Studios
Corporate Video

Corporate Video

Corporate video production has become mainstream for today’s employee education, training, corporate communication, as well as marketing and advertising, helping to improve overall communications and build brand.

Corporate organization’s in-house creative teams face similar challenges as professional studios, using many of the same applications to support their creative workflows and archive content.

As capacities continue to grow and budgets decline, it is essential to cost-effectively manage and protect corporate digital videos for reuse and delivery now, and in the future.

Solutions for Posts/Studios
Broadcast Solutions


Broadcast’s massive and ever-growing media content from various contributors around the world needs reliable and cost-effective storage to keep it accessible, yet safe and preserved for future monetization.

Most broadcast organizations have large archives of media assets. As the archives continue to grow, the need for a reliable and cost-effective storage solution becomes a higher priority.

Assets need to be accessible from multiple locations, yet safe and preserved for future monetization.

Solutions for Posts/Studios
VFX E-Sports


Organizations who have been utilizing or are considering public cloud options for long-term preservation of valuable media assets are looking for more cost-predictable storage options to preserve, protect, access, and distribute video footage.
Solutions for Posts/Studios
House of Worship

House of Worship

Spreading your message to communities near and far is essential to growing your congregation.

Video capture, production, and distribution help you fulfill your spiritual mission by bringing services, special events, and speakers to those that cannot attend, and to new local, national and global audiences.

This valuable content needs to be safely preserved for later playback on-demand or repurposed to create new content in years to come.

Solutions for Posts/Studios

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