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The unpredictable cost of the cloud for nearline archive is driving a return to more traditional archive strategies.

RAID as archive is highly unpredictable due to inherent muti-drive failures and the lack of adequate protection against bit rot and loss or corruption of content and assets over time.
LTO tape is preferred in-facility archive strategy due to low tape cost, however, random reads are slow and periodic refresh cycles can be expensive and long. Cost-predictable storage options are needed to meet budget, preserve, protect, and monetize their valuable digital assets.

This is why considering in-facility content archive is smart.
Our industry-focused Object Matrix appliances and Swarm software solutions are ideal to create in-facility nearline archives that help lower costs and complexity of maintaining less frequently accessed content on the primary on-line workspace or in the public cloud.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing environment and are certified for use with popular media asset managers (MAM) and archive applications.
Content is always on-line, searchable, and accessible. If content needs to move to or from the public cloud, no problem.

Our solutions are simple, cost-effective to manage and can incrementally scale to support your growing content capacities.

The highest levels of protection are built in to keep your content safe and secure.
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All Perifery solutions are dedicated to the media industry and provide global award-winning support

Swarm Software

  • Fast content search and access
  • Enhanced metadata awareness
  • Highest levels of security and protection
  • Future-proof and simple to scale
  • Speed Adobe workflows with Perifery Panel
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Object Matrix Appliances

  • Self-serve access content from anywhere
  • Predictable cloud workflows and economics
  • Security and governance first
  • Future proof and access
  • Enhanced metadata and business rules support
  • An easy-to-use product, not an in-house project
  • Satisfies all stakeholders with total flexibility
  • Fantastic ROI
  • Find, share, secure, and audit
  • Integrated support for Avid MAM and PAM
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