About Perifery

Perifery, a division of DataCore, was created to bring precise focus and ingenuity to high growth markets, such as media and entertainment, by creating and developing a portfolio of innovative solutions that streamline and enhance digital workflows. Through a series of strategic acquisitions, relationships with key partners and truly understanding the needs of our customers, our product team is on the cutting edge of product development. Perifery takes workflows Beyond Boundaries by accelerating and expanding the customers journey from core to edge and cloud.

Perifery Leadership

Dave Zabrowski
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Thimble
Chief Financial Officer
Abhijit Dey
General Manager and Chief Operating Officer
Alex Grossman
Vice President Marketing
Geoff Danheiser
Chief People Officer
Jonathan Morgan
SVP - Product & Technology
TW Cook
Vice President of Product Development
Seth Cohen
Vice President of Sales - Americas
Nick Pearce
Vice President of Sales - EMEA

Experience Perifery Solutions

Offering a portfolio of innovative solutions that take your digital workflows Beyond Boundaries.
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