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On Demand Origin Storage for Content Delivery
In this age of video on-demand, consumers want quality and reliable content delivery. Workflows are complex with multiple acquisition formats, multiple delivery options, and demanding timelines. Storage solutions must provide easy access, enterprise-level content protection to assure future monetization, and fast distribution of content to meet demands.
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Content Distribution Solutions
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All assets can be easily ingested into Perifery appliances and Swarm software solutions for secure long-term preservation.

Once there, assets are natively accessible via HTTP and S3 and can be origin storage for content delivery (CDN). Content can enable over-the-top (OTT) services or can be streamed directly from the archive.
Our solutions deliver massive throughput using multi-part parallel uploads for accelerated content ingestion and concurrent range reads for fast content delivery. Metadata awareness and an easy-to-use web-based portal provide fast access to all media and video footage for sharing and distribution.

Our solutions deliver reliable performance and multi-petabyte scalability to support multi-stream delivery.

Content is secure for the long term with the highest level of protection and resilience built in.

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All Perifery solutions are dedicated to the media industry and provide global award-winning support

Swarm Software

Deploy on standard x86 servers and storage from vendor of your choice
  • Seamless integration
  • Fast, reliable content delivery
  • Web portal for easy access
  • Enhanced metadata awareness
  • Multi-petabyte scalability
  • Highest levels of security and protection
  • Award-winning global support
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Object Matrix Appliances

  • Full metadata & business rules support
  • Faster access to their media archive
  • Media assets are always available
  • Enables all archive assets to be monetized
  • Brings operational efficiency through integration and automation
  • Future proof scale in capacity & workflow
  • Integrated into many file based & IP workflows
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