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Protecting and preserving content is critical for all media organizations. The public and financial impact of rising ransomware attacks or the loss of any content can spell disaster to large and small businesses.
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Content Presevation
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With Security in Mind, How Can You Better Protect Your Content?

On-demand workflows and the ability for creative professionals to access content from anywhere means that it is not possible, nor recommended, to have data disconnected from the rest of the organization in siloed networks or on tapes on shelves.
There has been too much costly cybercrime, and the recent cyber-attacks will only make criminals and malicious individuals more targeted in how they attack. You have a lot of wealth in your content.
That content is vulnerable. We give you peace of mind that it is safe for the long-term.

Perifery appliances and Swarm software deliver comprehensive security and long-term content protection. Our solutions fit seamlessly into your existing environment and are certified with popular media asset managers, archive, and backup applications.
Content value for re-monetization and reuse is only assured when kept safe.

Perifery appliances and Swarm software aggressively defend your content from ransomware and other cyber threats with the most advanced, proven multi-layered security, encryption in-flight and at-rest, immutability, WORM, and automated replication capabilities to ensure that internal or external parties never violate the integrity of your content.

Select the Best Solution for Your Workflow

All Perifery solutions are dedicated to the media industry and provide global award-winning support

Swarm Software

Deploy on standard x86 servers and storage from vendor of your choice
  • Deploy on standard x86 servers and storage from vendor of your choice
  • Trusted long-term content protection
  • Defends content from ransomware and cyber threats
  • Secure on-premises backup target
  • Works with all popular backup applications
  • Multi-facility replication for hybrid and cloud DR
  • Always on content access
  • Easy admin with user-centric management
  • Cost-predictable and futureproof
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Object Matrix Appliances

  • Access to Object Matrix is always via an API with a strong user authentication model
  • Vaults of data can be made immutable – this can completely protect data from being changed by ransomware attacks, or from being accidentally or maliciously deleted
  • User actions audited – even asset reads can be audited
  • Data transfer can be made with end to end encryption
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