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Securely transport content from remote to in-facility with full end-to-end encryption
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Simplify Content Management and Monitoring

Transporting digital content between locations can be a cumbersome task and may put your content at risk. RAID storage solutions can be complex, lack durability, and fail to provide standard security measures, such as encryption.
Perifery IRIS is a new breed of high-performance, media-optimized appliance. This efficient S3 cloud-native appliance securely transports content between remote or on-set locations back to your in-facility implementation of Perifery Swarm.

As data volumes managed by IT continue to expand, for many data-intensive industries, more and more data is created and processed at the edge, and/ or in remote and branch offices.

Decentralizing IT adds more cases where IT edge locations must process data produced at the edge, archive them locally, and then move the data to an on-prem location or to the cloud.

To address these requirements and speed time to results, these organizations are looking for easier, more secure ways to create, process, archive and transport massive data capacities from remote or edge locations back to on-premises storage.

RAID solutions are an option, but they can be complex, and lack essential data durability and security.

Quick. Easy. Safe.

IRIS features an eight-bay desktop design with dual 25GB Ethernet interfaces. It ships in a premium rugged wheeled waterproof flight case and sets up in minutes.

You can use IRIS either as a standalone device or with your existing in-facility Swarm clusters. 

You can import data into a main cluster with the push of a button. Once the data transfer is complete, the system can be reset and made ready to go back out on location within minutes.

IRIS is quicker, easier, and safer than common RAID arrays. You don’t have to waste time rebuilding and re-preparing RAID arrays for use back in the field.

Benefits of Perifery IRIS

  • Sets up in minutes on-set, remote, or anywhere
  • End-to-end encryption for maximum content security
  • Ready to go back out in the field in minutes with no long RAID preparation
  • One-click import into main in-facility Swarm
  • Premium rugged wheeled waterproof flight case
  • Native S3 cloud connectivity
  • Integrated workflow tools
  • AI+ workflow ready
  • Award-winning global support
  • Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

Run AI Algorithms at the Edge

Cloud AI serves a critical need by running intelligent algorithms on the data that is sent to the cloud. However, the vast amount of data uploaded by edge consumers can cause latency, bandwidth, and cost issues.

Edge AI addresses the challenge by allowing you to make decisions on data where it is produced - at the edge. With Perifery AI+, you can integrate AI operations anywhere you use Perifery IRIS. Your workflow apps and services previously only available in the public cloud can now be accessed at the edge.

Perifery AI+ splits processes between the cloud and the edge (e.g. a location such as a movie set or rural hospital. Algorithms run in your chosen cloud and require minimal data uploads to train the models. With Perifery AI+, you can minimize latency, reduce cloud processing fees, and make data decisions faster at the edge.

Speed Adobe Workflows with Perifery Panel

Designed for Adobe Premiere Pro users, Perifery Panel streamlines access to content directly from Perifery IRIS and Swarm software solutions.

Editors can drag and drop media into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline without having to use search tools outside the application, allowing them to instantly enrich metadata and classify digital assets for rapid retrieval.

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