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Cost-Effective S3 cloud native on-site archive solution
Safeguard your precious digital assets for future utilization and profit. Experience ultra-fast metadata searches, unmatched security, and effortless integration with the public cloud.
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Locate and Monetize Assets Faster

  • Fast S3 Storage: Seamlessly aligns with your current workflows and apps.
  • Transparent Pricing with Easy Scalability:
    • Eliminate costly upgrades and refresh cycles.
    • Streamline expenses and simplify processes.
  • Eliminate costly upgrades and refresh cycles.
  • Streamline expenses and simplify processes
  • Cost-Efficient: Transfer content away from high-priced online storage or public clouds.
  • Advanced Metadata Insight: Instantly search and access content.
  • Unparalleled Security: Ensure maximum protection for your assets.
  • Multi-User Ready: Support various tenant needs.
  • Boost Adobe Workflows: Integrate seamlessly with the Perifery Panel.

Choose Partner Led Media Optimized Appliances

Benefit from pre-configured media archive solutions from Perifery's trusted partners.

Equipped with Swarm software, these appliances are tailored for edge and in-facility applications.

Customize your setup with third-party applications for enhanced media workflows and seamless public cloud integration.

Fed up with the erratic costs of the public cloud, the stress of RAID system breakdowns, or the sluggishness of LTO tape? Want the flexibility to blend existing and upcoming tech as innovations emerge and workflows shift?

Content Protection and Fast Recovery

For every media organization, content protection is paramount.

Amid rising threats like ransomware and potential hardware failures, ensuring top-tier security for your backups isn't just an option – it's a necessity.
Already using leading backup software like Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, or Rubrik? Find a solution that seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure.
Opt for a solution that delivers unmatched, multi-layered security, real-time and stored data encryption, unchangeable storage features, WORM, and robust replication. Ensure that your content's integrity remains uncompromised, always.

Swarm Software & Appliances

Choose The Best Solution To Meet Your Needs


Experience the power of our award-winning Swarm software tailored for media. Unlock a cost-predictable S3 cloud native nearline archive, ensuring your valuable digital assets are safeguarded and primed for reuse and re-monetization.

Dive into rapid metadata searches and enjoy effortless integration with public clouds. Deploy Swarm on any standard x86 server and storage setup. Stay adaptable with the ease of combining both current and upcoming hardware as technology advances and workflows adapt.

Partner Led Media Optimized Appliances

Experience seamless editing with the Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. Integrated directly with Swarm software and partner-driven appliances, our advanced Perifery Panel allows editors to drag and drop media into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline effortlessly.

Say goodbye to external search tools. Instantly augment metadata and categorize digital assets for swift access. With the Perifery Panel, accelerate your production process and complete projects faster than ever.

Perifery Panel For Adobe Creative Suite

Opt for Plug-and-Play Media Archive Solutions from Perifery Partners. Benefit from appliances turbocharged by Swarm, tailored for your workflow, which seamlessly integrate with certified 3rd party tools and elevate your media processes with enhanced cloud connectivity.

Why Choose Swarm?

Reduce costs and complexity by offloading content from expensive primary on-line workspace or public cloud to cost-predictable, fast, scalable, and flexible in-facility archive. Accelerate workflows with always-on content access, using a powerful web-based search tool for fast content browse and search. Deploy on your choice of standard x86 servers and storage from a vendor of your choice.

  • Fast, fully S3 compliant cloud native content storage
  • Seamless integration into your workflow with extensive media partner ecosystem
  • Fast content search, browse, and access
  • Enhanced metadata awareness
  • Simple cost-predictable scalability
    • Eliminates expensive refresh cycles and forklift upgrades
    • Lower costs and complexity
  • Highest levels of security and protection
  • Multi-tenant capabilities
  • Speed Adobe workflows with Perifery Panel Plug-in
Energy Savings Calculator
Find out how much energy and money you can save* when using Perifery Swarm's adaptive power conservation technology, Darkive™, that spins down disks in your storage cluster when there are periods of inactivity/idle time.
Total number servers in your storage cluster
Use the slider to set the number of servers
Power savings over 5 years
14 MWh/year
Cost savings over 5 years

*Energy and cost savings are estimates only; not a guarantee. Actuals may vary.

Want to learn more about Swarm and its Darkive functionality?

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