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Perifery Intelligent Content Engine
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Speed Asset Creation and Unearth Existing Content Gems

Imagine a work environment where your highly skilled team of creators can focus on what they are paid to do, instead of painfully searching for digital assets. What if your team can unearth lost gems of content for re-use and monetization? You don’t have to imagine it any longer

Search Beyond Metadata Using AI Agents and Advanced Machine Learning

The Perifery Intelligent Content Engine (ICE) takes content search beyond metadata. By leveraging AI agents and advanced machine learning models across a wide variety of media content types, ICE empowers users to have intuitive interactions using natural language requests with what is essentially a media content librarian.

The requestor provides information on what is needed, and ICE delivers a set of results along with the reasons why these results are a good fit.
So, whether the user needs a historical clip to provide context in tonight’s news broadcast or is looking to monetize content beyond what people interact with on a day-to-day basis, ICE delivers—with no metadata tagging, no waiting, and no settling for a clip that is not exactly what you want.


Whether your business is just starting out or if it has a content store that is decades old, it is critical that creators be able to locate, access and deliver assets almost instantaneously. That feat is impossible when your organization is relying on human memory or even on metadata (even if you’ve invested tremendous resources tagging assets upon ingest).

The Perifery platform provides an ideal environment for asset libraries at any scale, and with the addition of Perifery ICE, content owners in all types of businesses can move from managing their media to conquering it.

Key Features

Intelligent content understanding

Every file (images, videos, audio files, documents, and other multimedia assets) is understood by ICE and can be found through natural language questions, going beyond metadata search.

Autonomous lifecycle management

You can address the challenges of increasing volume and complexity of digital media assets using the functionality of ICE with Perifery’s transformative solutions.

Clear reasoning

For each search result, users receive a clear reason for the asset selection to ensure they know why each asset is a match to the query.

Request history

Your AI librarian remembers requests and result sets to make sure efforts are not being duplicated.

Complex search

Using natural language queries and contextual information, your requests can be as simple or complex as required.

Business Benefits

Streamlines processes

With an always-ready virtual librarian who can almost instantaneously find mission-critical assets your creators need for success—without allocating a staff position to a dedicated asset librarian.

Enables a shared experience between users

Who can benefit from the result sets found by another user in discovering more valuable assets in the organization’s library.

Increases ROI & revitalizes content

With library-wide awareness that covers all assets in view, ICE uncovers forgotten assets​ so you can revitalize assets and increase your ROI, even decades after an asset has lain dormant in storage.

Unearths the hidden gems

Through a system of understanding that makes associations users may not have thought of before.

Accelerates the creation and distribution process

With context-aware, curated assets delivered quickly based on an understanding of how and why the requestor wants to use them.

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