Object Matrix is a media-focused on-prem object storage platform that benefits organizations, financially and operationally, by modernizing video workflows and providing instant access to all media assets.

Built on mature, feature-rich, and future-proof object-based storage technology, Object Matrix delivers operational efficiencies, full digital content governance, and multiple media-based workflows, providing secure access to all archive content from anywhere.
The design meets security, performance, collaboration, and accessibility challenges faced by many organizations creating, ingesting, logging, editing, sharing, distributing, and archiving large volumes of video content.

Deployed in-house or at your organization’s data centers, Object Matrix ensures creative professionals have the fastest, most secure access to content using the tools and applications they are familiar with.

You can implement it as a stand-alone or as a part of a unified storage platform by synchronizing across multiple geographies for business continuity or global collaboration with other Object Matrix installations or cloud services.
    ”Object Matrix has a long association and solid standing with the media industry.

    I would describe Object Matrix as a ‘media-aware’ service with the ability to attach and search metadata associated with media objects. We have seen a complete transformation of our archive and our ability to monetize our asset library.”
    Ian Auger
    Head of Engineering, ITN
    “With a huge amount of content being housed in our storage system, we are looking for a cost-effective way to do this whilst keeping the high level of functionality, security and elasticity of object storage. We have been really impressed with Object Matrix, which addressed our needs technically and commercially, by being secure and intuitive whilst being extremely easy to migrate existing content onto. The other big benefit was having local support which was key to our decision making. Object Matrix applications enable us to quickly search and reuse out content, and now that we have the future-proof platform our business can grow with, we can start to introduce further workflows that include implementing disaster recovery.”
    Dan Martin
    CTO, The Ark


  • Built-in Digital Content Governance (DCG) ensures your content is protected at the highest level so you can concentrate on revenue-generating activity
  • Brings operational efficiency through integration and automation
  • Limits disruption with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Keeping you connected so you can work from anywhere, at anytime
  • Share content and collaborate with your global teams, your communities, and your customers
  • Reduces management overheads by consolidating silos of storage
  • A future-proof platform that supports multiple media workflows and protocols
  • Ensures portability of your content and metadata in unified multi-cloud deployments
  • Ensures portability of your content and metadata in unified multi-cloud deployments
  • Automated metadata extraction saves you time finding content and reduces media management
  • Puts your content where you want it, when you want it, from ingest and nearline to archive and cloud
  • Provides flexible deployment and commercial options to meet your strategic needs
  • Tight workflow integrations (Avid, Adobe, Vidispine, Ortana, etc)
  • Configurations include software only, on-prem, hybrid, and Cloud
A software option of Object Matrix is supported if you have a preferred (approved configuration) hardware provider.


We have a range of applications that not only enable you to search and view your content with ease. They also allow you to use the file system by mounting it locally, ingesting, archiving, tagging, adding specific metadata, sharing, and moving between tiers while keeping the metadata for fast retrieval.
All of our applications are cross-compatible, meaning that you can always access your data and metadata the way you need to.


A web-based media and metadata management application that puts content in the hands of creative professionals where and when they need it.


High-performance local file system to object storage access.


An automated data mover and HSM application for object storage, LTO, and cloud.


Powerful analytics that helps you make sense of your media asset usage and maximises the value of your media library.


A simple fast, and reliable ingest application with customisable metadata entry forms, built in reporting and audit trails.


Standard access of AWS S3 access to Object Matrix with option launch multiple NFS servers when wider bandwidth is required.


The Object Matrix API can be accessed directly via C or Java applications, or via a RESTful shim.


Tight integration between Object Matrix, InterConnect, and Avid Media Central | Production Management.

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