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Deploy on your choice of standard x86 servers and storage from vendor of your choice
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Active Archive

Tired of unpredictable costs of public cloud, the worry that comes with RAID system failures, or slow access with LTO tape?

Swarm software delivers a cost-predictive S3 cloud native in-facility archive solution to preserve, protect, and access your valuable digital assets for reuse and re-monetization.

This high-performance solution offers blazing-fast metadata search, the highest levels of security and protection, and seamless public cloud integration.

Deploy Swarm software on your choice of standard x86 servers and storage. Easily mix current and future hardware as new technology evolves or workflows change.

Content Protection and Fast Recovery

Protecting and preserving content is critical for all media organizations.

Swarm delivers the highest levels of security and protection to safeguard your backups from ransomware and other security threats and loss due to disasters and hardware failures.

Certified with leading backup software providers, including Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, and Rubrik, so our solutions will fit right into your infrastructure.

With the most advanced, proven multi-layered security, encryption in-flight and at-rest, immutability, WORM, and automated replication capabilities to ensure that internal or external parties never violate the integrity of your content.
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Deploy on your choice of standard x86 servers and storage from vendor of your choice
  • Fast S3 content storage delivers seamless integration with existing workflow and applications
  • Simple cost-predictable scalability
    • No more expensive refresh cycles or forklift upgrades
    • Lower costs and complexity
  • Reduce costs. Offload content from expensive online storage or public cloud
  • Enhanced metadata awareness. Fast content search and access
  • Highest levels of security and protection
  • Multi-tenant capabilities
  • Speed Adobe workflows with Perifery Panel

Choose Partner Led Media Optimized Appliances

Choose ready to use, pre-configured media archive appliances from Perifery partners. They are powered by Swarm software designed for appliances and edge devices. You can select and embed third-party applications to optimize media workflows and public cloud connectivity.
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Speed Adobe Workflows with Perifery Panel

State-of-the-art Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro users, streamlines access to content directly from Perifery IRIS and Swarm software solutions.

Editors can just drag and drop media into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, without having to use search tools outside the application, and they can instantly enrich metadata and classify digital assets for rapid retrieval.

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