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Access to media archives has never been easier
Object Matrix is a media-focused object storage platform that financially and operationally benefits organizations by modernizing video workflows and providing instant access to all media assets.
Access to media archives has never been easier
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Object Matrix delivers financial and operational efficiencies, full digital content governance, and multiple media-based workflows, providing secure access to all archive content from anywhere.
  • Proven media industry workflows by partnering with leading technology providers such as Avid, Adobe, and an extensive network of over 40 trusted technical partners.
  • Enhance media workflow capabilities with an array of features, including robust support for random access to large media files, industry-leading time to first byte performance, compatibility for both object and filesystem access, and seamless extraction of media metadata within the storage system
  • A future proof platform that supports multiple media workflows and protocols
  • Achieve financial efficiencies through minimal CPU overhead and seamless scalability of clusters, utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology
  • Brings operational efficiency through integration and automation
  • Incorporate an integrated, optional asset management browser interface that empowers users to effortlessly upload, download, share, and tag content with metadata, streamlining content management and accessibility
  • Access global support from highly skilled and media-savvy engineers, ensuring comprehensive assistance and expertise no matter where you are
  • Data security, tight access controls (AD) & full audit
It can be implemented as a stand-alone or as a part of a unified storage platform by synchronizing across multiple geographies with built-in disaster recovery, business continuity, and global collaboration with other Object Matrix installations or 3rd party cloud services.

The design meets security, performance, collaboration, and accessibility challenges faced by many organizations managing large volumes of video content: Creating, Ingesting, Logging, Editing, Sharing, Distributing, Archiving

Deployed in-house or at your organization’s data centers, Object Matrix ensures creative professionals have the fastest, most secure access to their content.

Managing expanding volumes of media assets is a formidable challenge for organizations focused on creating, ingesting, logging, editing, sharing, distributing, and archiving video content.

Balancing the preservation of rich media libraries with the practical constraints of budgets, accessibility, scalability, and security is a growing concern.

Having an agile, intuitive, future-proof, and cost-effective storage system for accessing and managing content is crucial.

“Lockdown was challenging for our edit collaboration and safe backups. Home-working meant on-prem media sharing and archiving was no longer an option.

{MatrixStore Cloud} made it easy to access our content and share assets with all of our users while ensuring that content is secure.”

Simon Blakeley
Senior Editor & Post Production Manager, The & Partnership

Bridging the Gap Between Creatives & Content

Not all object storage platforms are created equal; while many alternatives focus solely on features like scale, redundancy, and data protection, Object Matrix goes beyond to deliver exceptional value to media customers.

This is why production teams and media organizations, both small and large, around the world have embraced Object Matrix. Our solution ensures that content is readily available on-demand, regardless of location or time.

Object Matrix simplifies the complex by offering the highest levels of digital content governance, including audit and immutability. It also provides multi-tenancy, advanced analytics, metadata management, efficient search capabilities, and seamless sharing and collaboration features.

All of these features come together in a system that is not only easy to manage but also incredibly intuitive for users.

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The media-focused object storage platform with built-in security, analytics, and intuitive interfaces providing future-proof access to your content from anywhere.

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A compact and powerful storage appliance with built-in media applications and multi-cloud support.

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Cloud (UK)

The revolutionary media-focused cloud storage platform that gives you instant access to your content via intuitive media interfaces and provides predictable commercials with no egress fees.

Search, Access, and Share all your production and archive content with ease

Vision is a web-based media and metadata management application that puts content in the hands of creative professionals where and when they need it.
  • Increase productivity by enabling creative teams and customers to self-serve content from anywhere
  • Metadata forms and extraction ensures your content can be found at any tim
  • Secure and audited access ensures your content will be protected and only accessed by those with permission to do so

Why Choose Object Matrix?

  • Dedicated to the media industry
  • Self-serve access to content from anywhere
  • Predictable cloud workflows and economics
  • Security and governance first
  • Future-proof and access
  • Enhanced metadata and business rules support
  • An easy-to-use product, no IT expertise is required
  • Satisfies all stakeholders with total flexibility
  • Fantastic ROI
  • World-class support
  • Access assets via any combination of S3, filesystem, SMB, NFS or Web Browser
  • Scale storage without management overhead

"Working with Object Matrix has truly been phenomenal, if you are already at the point of looking at these solutions then I’d recommend you move forward quickly on that path.  Object Matrix takes care of the customer better than anyone I've ever dealt with."

Patrick Gulotta
VP Technical Operations, INTERSPORT

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Enterprise IT

Cloud Storage


”Object Matrix has a long association and solid standing with the media industry.
I would describe Object Matrix as a ‘media-aware’ service with the ability to attach and search metadata associated with media objects. We have seen a complete transformation of our archive and our ability to monetize our asset library.”

Ian Auger
Head of Engineering, ITN

Integrated into media workflows since 2009, ensuring content and metadata is protected on a secure, fast, and scalable archive platform.

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