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A look back at the modernization of the post-production resources for the ELEPHANT Group aiming to transform their operations

What's Inside

Faced with the constant growth of new programs and new screens usage, the current archiving system, mainly based on a mix of production storage and LTO libraries, no longer made it possible to manage such volumes efficiently. It is in this context that Object Matrix, a hybrid media-oriented private cloud developed by Perifery, was chosen to become the keystone of the new framework. This pioneering object storage solution, integrating AI and business APIs, is known to be particularly secure, integrated and scalable.

Thanks to the applications and integrations offered by Object Matrix, manual daily management tasks without added value have given way to increased interoperability with all of the Group’s existing systems.

ELEPHANT also uses Move2, an application developed by Perifery, to directly interface with the LTO library. Moves to the cold archive are triggered by rules based on time or editorial metadata. It also allows transfers directly to S3-compatible public clouds.

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