Webinar Recap: Modernizing Post-Production: A Case Study with ELEPHANT Group

April 15, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

Modernizing Post-Production: A Case Study with ELEPHANT Group

In our April webinar, Pierre Pradon, Sales Director at Perifery, joined Neil Anderson of Codemill, and Yann Flahault of IVORY, alongside Julien Chambaud of ELEPHANT, to take a closer look at the technology and workflow used in ELEPHANT Group's modernization of their post-production resources.

The webinar began with an overview of the technology companies present: IVORY, a company specializing in media engineering; Codemill, specialists in media supply chain applications; and Perifery, leaders in innovative M&E archive and workflow solutions. Julien then introduced ELEPHANT Group, a leading French production company, sharing insights into the company’s journey to overcome post-production challenges.

Julien explained how ELEPHANT had enlisted the help of IVORY in 2016, following an exponential increase in the volume of content they were dealing with. The company needed to streamline its workload and processes while also rationalizing costs. He explained how IVORY had carried out an audit of the existing workflow, providing feedback on technology which could improve processes.

Julien highlighted the need for intelligent storage within the ELEPHANT workflow, which had led to the integration of Perifery's Object Matrix object storage. He further elaborated on the versatility of Perifery's solutions, emphasizing their central role in the workflow. The conversation turned to Cantemo, a media asset management (MAM) solution from Codemill. Discussing post-production workflow complexities, Julien explained how media teams want intuitive platforms and interfaces to carry out their creative work, and that Codemill’s MAM tool provided the ideal solution.

Neil commented on how the Object Matrix and Cantemo technologies work seamlessly together to enhance workflows. He shared how together they streamline media management processes, allowing for easier access to content, efficient metadata management, and simplified collaboration among creative teams. He then highlighted the importance of user experience (UX) design in driving adoption and maximizing the benefits of these technologies. He explained how by prioritizing intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features, Codemill ensures that media professionals can navigate complex workflows with ease, enabling them to accelerate the production cycle and ultimately deliver high-quality content to audiences.

The discussion continued with the panellists discussing the intricacies of managing diverse media types and the importance of scalability and adaptability in technology solutions. Julien emphasized the need for post-production tools to seamlessly integrate with various creative platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow for content creators.

The collaboration between Perifery, Codemill, IVORY, and ELEPHANT Group demonstrates the power of innovation and collaboration in driving progress and shaping the future of media production.

To learn more about the project, download the case study.

Watch On-Demand Webinar (French)

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