Elevate Your Media Conversion Workflows: Transform the Way You Store, Access & Convert Your Media


What's Inside

Learn more about the recent technical integration between Perifery’s Object Matrix and Cinnafilm’s PixelStrings. The integration allows you to seamlessly convert media assets stored in Object Matrix, within the PixelStrings media transformation platform, giving you more efficient conversions of assets, as well as advanced storage features, such as scalable archiving, powerful categorizing, and search tools.

Hear from Mark Habberfield, Senior Solutions Architect at Perifery, a division of DataCore, and Dominic Jackson, Vice President of Products & Services at Cinnafilm, as they explore how this collaboration is poised to bring about business transformation, reshaping the way you manage, rejuvenate, and exploit your media assets.

During this webinar, we cover these key topics:

  • Automation: Discover how the partnership can bring seamless automation to your content management processes
  • Rejuvenation: See how you can benefit from effortless conversion, upscaling, and much more, using the joint solution with your media assets
  • Monetization: Explore how the partnership can help you unlock new revenue opportunities and maximize your content's value
  • Interoperability: Find out how to integrate, configure, and work from anywhere, with seamless interoperability between Object Matrix and PixelStrings

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