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Our Solution is fast, secure, accessible, highly scalable, and easier and more cost-predictive than public cloud
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What If You Could Move Beyond Cloud Boundaries?

Content creation is a mix of creative and repetitive tasks.

Perifery AI+ splits processes between the cloud and the edge (i.e., a remote location or in-facility), saving media companies substantial time and money on production costs.

Mid-size organizations that pay a significant amount of money to use the cloud for processing can now perform many pre-process functions at the edge to reduce their operational expenses.

AI+ will be available Q4 2023

Perifery for Cloud and Managed Service Providers

Scalable object storage for distributed data access, delivery, and archive

Perifery offers an exclusive program for cloud and managed service providers to expand their solutions with value-added data storage services.H2: Flexible and Cost-Effective Licensing Model for Service Providers.

Our metered consumption-based licensing model which is based on actual capacity usage per month. Should your customers’ storage consumption decrease, your license fees will reduce correspondingly.
This adaptability to actual capacity consumption, including 24×7 support services, makes it a pay-as-you-grow licensing structure optimized for service providers.

You can benefit from a lower price/TB/month when your business grows and your customers consume and pay for more storage capacity.

Key Highlights

  • Multi-tenant architecture with custom usage policies and flexible data protection schemes
  • Content portal with end-user self-service capabilities
  • Distributed file access, sharing, streaming, and collaboration
  • Role-based access control and integration with existing authentication systems
  • Robust security with encryption, WORM integration, S3 object locking for immutability, Legal Hold, and Integrity Seals

Affordable licensing with exclusive and attractive service provider price list

  • Only pay for what you use: Lower consumption, lower costs
  • Unlimited scalability to start small and grow without constraints
  • Offer SLAs that matter to your business and expand with additional services for your customers without having to change the hardware

Media Organizations

Build your Own Cloud

Ideal for content creators and owners, post-production facilities, media studios, sports teams, corporate media organizations, that manage and catalog massive amounts of content.

Create your own S3 in-facility cloud solution powered by Perifery Swarm software, for your teams and independents to use that is fast, secure, accessible, highly scalable, and easier and more cost-predictive than public cloud.

System Integrators, Cloud and Managed Service Providers

Expand your Business with Swarm CSP

Want to expand your business to include cloud hosting services? Swarm software provides you with secure S3-enabled software to manage your customers’ growing content capacity challenges.

Swarm allows you to provide storage as a service for your customers’ secondary data, backup target, or archival or cataloging needs. Easily scale from hundreds of TBs to multiple PBs on any mix of x86 hardware.

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