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Simple, High-Performance, Kubernetes-native

Integrate enterprise-grade data management natively across your Kubernetes environments, optimizing operations wherever containerized apps need stateful persistence. In this app-centric, data-first era, OpenEBS PRO enriches Kubernetes with a hyper-converged data fabric.

OpenEBS PRO, a container-native datastore platform, seamlessly merges with Kubernetes. It stands out for its Hyper-converged Enterprise-grade storage core and its reputation as the most deployed stateful persistence Kubernetes fabric globally.

This platform, inherently Kubernetes-native, lets architects swiftly deploy datastores for stateful applications.
Combining OpenEBS PRO and Kubernetes, it provides dynamic provisioning, volume replication, and top-tier NVMe I/O performance, ensuring boundless scalability for all cloud architectures.

Furthermore, OpenEBS PRO enables architects with its modern, native Kubernetes hyper-converged data fabric, simplifying tasks from testing to deployment. Users can thus streamline data lakes, accelerate AI/ML pipelines, and efficiently manage databases.

Integrating OpenEBS PRO frees users from vendor limits and fully unlocks their storage potential.

Applications on Kubernetes offer high availability, streamlined deployment, adaptable data management, and automatic scaling in response to demand. Yet, their dynamic and distributed characteristics can complicate storage and data management.

To fully harness Kubernetes and bypass the limitations of traditional non-native storage, you require a modern, dependable, high-performing, native, and scalable storage platform for your persistent stateful workloads.

Perifery OpenEBS PRO is a top-tier platform for data persistence in cloud-native and container environments. Its software-defined storage simplifies provisioning and management, allowing on-demand PV self-provisioning.

Leveraging NVMe, OpenEBS PRO boosts stateful application performance.

With OpenEBS PRO:

  • Enhance I/O application performance and reduce latency.
  • Simplify the transition to cloud-native and hybrid data centers.
  • Fully harness container-native storage capabilities.

Deploy OpenEBS PRO swiftly on any node in your Kubernetes cluster, whether it's bare metal, virtual, or cloud-hosted. OpenEBS PRO is platform-neutral and supports all NVMe-powered storage flash hardware.

Once set up, it simplifies disk resources into manageable logical volumes, block devices, storage pools, and file systems, allowing you to:

  • Provision data volumes for any application or data pipeline.
  • Execute data protection, archiving, and long-term retention workflows.
  • Replicate, serve, snapshot, and clone data.

Leveraging core Kubernetes principles, we streamline the deployment of production-ready applications and promote enterprise agility.

Perifery OpenEBS Pro Features

  • Provisions volumes using Kubernetes claims, CSI drivers, and Enterprise CRDs.
  • Scales based on storage needs.
  • Reduces I/O latency with NVMe Hyper-converged fabric.
  • Manages persistent volumes centrally for storage operations.
  • Ensures protection with volume replicas.
  • Offers consistent data management across all storage types, regardless of brand.
  • Integrates with Kubernetes tools via APIs and CLI.
  • Syncs with monitoring tools like Prometheus & Grafana for logs and metrics.
  • Premium Pro-Services offer guidance for seamless deployment, optimization, and 24/7 support for critical applications and datastores.

Benefits of Perifery OpenEBS PRO

Management Simplicity

  • Switch to native Kubernetes Enterprise-grade storage intelligence.
  • Remove complex storage expertise requirements.
  • Streamline Data Ops with Software-Defined storage and Hyper-converged services.

Improved Performance

  • Utilize NVMe and NVMe-oF for high bandwidth, low-latency applications.
  • Execute stateful workloads with fast, scalable data and performance management.
  • Speed up Datastor-centric app development.

Flexibility Without Compromise

  • Pool volumes from any storage class (NVMe flash, SSD, HDD).
  • Ensure storage service portability without kernel/OS ties.
  • Boost data resilience with volume replication across K8s nodes.

White Glove Support

  • Get tailored expert guidance for optimal OpenEBS PRO performance.
  • Reduce downtime with fast, priority support for seamless storage operations.

Use Cases

Empower your data management with OpenEBS PRO K8s native Hyper-converged services:

Block and file datastores

SQL & NoSQL critical datastores

AI/ML file and object data pipelines

DevOps and CI/CD workflows

Microservices apps

Streaming data persistence

Edge data services and mobility

Data protection, backup, recovery, and long-term retention

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