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Films at 59 Case Study: Post-production with a Vision

Established in 1990, Films at 59 has over 25 years of experience providing creative and cost-effective pre and post-production services to film and television content creators.
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What's Inside

Films at 59 provides comprehensive post-production services along with camera kit hire and freelancer crews, managing large volumes of digital files from initial ingest to editing, finishing, and delivery. Serving clients globally, they continually refine workflows to meet challenges in multi-format production and cloud-based working. The shift to tapeless technology, coupled with the rise of UHD and HDR, has exponentially increased data storage demands.

Facing efficiency challenges due to disparate storage platforms, they sought to automate aspects of their storage solution. The goal is to achieve efficiency gains, reduce manual labor, and enhance data flow management across their facility, including automating file copy verification for the integrity of clients' rushes.

After conducting a thorough market review, we engaged Digital Garage to implement 528TB of Perifery's Digital Content Governance platform, Object Matrix. This installation allowed us to consolidate various storage solutions into a single product, offering enhanced data security and integrity. Object Matrix, coupled with Perifery's data asset management tool DropSpot, streamlines processes during ingest by enabling efficient tagging of objects with metadata.

This metadata facilitates quick and easy location of video files and associated content throughout the post-production chain. DropSpot's MD5 checksum verification ensures bit-for-bit copy integrity without the need for third-party applications. Additionally, the implementation of Vision provides a user-friendly browser-based tool for seamless content search, collaboration, and data management. The overarching goal was to save valuable time, enhance efficiency, and create a more streamlined and secure post-production workflow.

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