Webinar recap: 5 Reasons You Should Never Ingest Your Content into Tier 1 Storage

February 26, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

5 Reasons You Should Never Ingest Your Content into Tier 1 Storage

In our latest webinar, Marketing Director, US and LATAM, Deepika Bajaj joined Abhi Dey, Chief Product Officer of Perifery, and Jason Perr, CTO of M&E Solutions at Perifery, to explore key strategies to transform your content management in the world of storage tiering, and the impact that AI has on video workflows.

Noting the high-performance but equally high costs associated with Tier 1 storage, Deepika asked Abhi to explain how organizations can effectively allocate Tier 1 into their workflows. Abhi provided insights into the traditional approach of storing media assets on tier one and discussed the need for effective storage tiering. He highlighted the challenges within media and entertainment workflows typically center around visibility, access, and cost efficiency.

Deepika asked Abhi to dive deeper into the challenges around finding content and the potential cost repercussions from barriers in content discovery. Abhi emphasized the key role that content plays in making business decisions, and discussed monetization, or rather, the inability to monetize when assets can’t be located. He explained the concept of storage tiering and its fundamental goal – placing data in the right storage tier to make it more efficient and cost-efficient.

Turning to Jason for insight, Deepika asked how AI effects storage tiering. Jason highlighted the historical tendency to overload tier one storage, and discussed how AI can help keep it clean. He explained that by first ingesting content to tier two, enriching it with metadata, and transferring only what's needed to Tier one, organizations get the benefits of reduced tier one footprint, optimized storage utilization, and simplified deletion process. Jason then showcased a live demo of how AI enriches metadata, providing users with a powerful tool for content management and discovery. The demo showed a seamless integration with popular tools like Adobe Premiere, highlighting how users can experience a streamlined workflow with enriched metadata.

Jason emphasized the excitement and positive response from users, who had felt empowered with enhanced metadata for effective search, and automated content processes.

Moving the discussion back to the topic of the webinar, 5 Reasons You Should Never Ingest Your Content into Tier 1 Storage, Jason highlighted the reasons for looking beyond Tier one:

  1. Content Organization: Move beyond basic folder structures and embrace rich tagging systems for enhanced content discoverability, leveraging the power of AI to continually improve and streamline the process.
  1. Optimize Storage: Preserve Tier one storage by implementing strategies to mitigate space constraints, ensuring a seamless workflow without worrying about capacity issues.
  1. Empower Editors: Enable editors to confidently delete content and reclaim space, with the assurance that protected content can be swiftly recovered whenever needed.
  1. Metadata Enrichment: Ensure comprehensive metadata enrichment for every piece of content in the library. All assets should be enriched with metadata upon content ingestion.
  1. Streamline Workflows: Simplify the entire content management process, creating organizational incentives to encourage participation and to promote a culture of doing it right the first time.

Abhi discussed the challenges of managing the rapid growth of unstructured data in the media and entertainment industry. Perifery's AI-enabled solutions are centered on scalability, reducing manual intervention, and ultimately future-proofing organizations against the data explosion.

Catch up on the webinar now and get in touch to learn more.

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