Transforming Post-Production: Cutting-Edge AI Workflows for the Media & Entertainment Industry with Perifery AI+

June 4, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Deepika Bajaj

Transforming Post-Production: Cutting-Edge AI Workflows

In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment post-production, the pressure to produce and deliver more content faster has never been greater. Traditional workflows, often labor-intensive, repetitive, and time-consuming, are straining under the weight of these demands.

Enter AI: a transformative force streamlining operations to meet the high expectations of today's audiences. By automating tedious tasks, enhancing creative processes, and optimizing resource allocation, AI is revolutionizing the industry, enabling creators to deliver high-quality content with unprecedented speed and efficiency. The future of post-production is here, and it’s driven by the power of AI.

AI workflows designed specifically for the media and entertainment post-production industry incorporate advanced steps and processes that significantly elevate content creation, editing, and distribution. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of these transformative workflows:

1. Data Collection and Preparation:

  • Content Ingestion:
    • AI Ingest (Perifery AI+): A unified, automated process that enhances productivity and cuts costs by allowing content to be received from various sources, such as cameras, storage devices, and cloud services. This streamlined ingestion process improves efficiency and reduces manual effort.
  • Metadata Extraction:
    • AI+ Media Organization (Perifery AI+): Automatically generates rich metadata without user interaction, creates custom alerts, and automates folder creation, facilitating efficient organization and retrieval of media assets.

2. Model Deployment:

Perifery AI+ Delivery: Offers single-click simplicity for complex content delivery, enabling seamless delivery to OTT platforms and generating secure websites for content delivery. This feature simplifies distribution and ensures secure, efficient content delivery to various platforms.

3. AI Archive and Real-time Processing:

Perifery AI+ Archive and More: Involves automatically archiving content based on updated metadata to ensure long-term storage and easy retrieval. It integrates with existing data movers to ensure smooth data transfer and management, leverages high-speed data transfer accelerators to expedite the movement of large media files, and creates intelligent archives that efficiently manage projects and assets, ensuring data is stored in an organized and accessible manner.

Real-world Examples: Movies and AI Workflows

Example 1: Post-Production of a Blockbuster Movie

A major film studio uses Perifery AI workflows to streamline post-production. With AI Ingest, raw footage from various sources is automatically ingested, reducing manual workload and speeding up the initial stages. AI+ Media Organization generates detailed metadata for every scene and character without manual input, facilitating quick organization and editing. Perifery AI Delivery enables seamless distribution of promotional content and trailers to OTT platforms and secure websites. Real-time processing with AI models enhances video and audio quality, and smart archives based on metadata updates ensure systematic storage and easy retrieval of project files.

Example 2: Restoring Classic Films

A film restoration company uses Perifery AI workflows to restore classic films. AI Ingest automatically digitizes and ingests old film reels into the digital workspace. AI+ Media Organization creates detailed metadata for each scene and character, even in older films, allowing efficient organization and searchability. Perifery AI Delivery ensures restored films are easily distributed to streaming platforms and archives. Real-time processing with AI models enhances video quality, removes noise, and corrects colors, while high-speed data transfer accelerators expedite the transfer of large restored files.

By integrating these AI workflows, the media and entertainment post-production industry can significantly enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve the quality and efficiency of their operations. Ready to unlock the true value of your media libraries? Get started with Perifery AI+ today.

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