The Perifery Advantage - Ensuring accessible, scalable, and connected data

January 11, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

The Perifery Advantage - Ensuring accessible, scalable, and connected data

With the global media and entertainment sector forecasted to reach a worth of US$2.78 trillion by 2027, protecting and preserving valuable libraries of content is essential. Media organizations have typically responded well to unexpected external factors, but as an industry, we mustn’t get complacent.

Things can, and undoubtedly will, change; unforeseen challenges can pop up out of nowhere and we need to ensure our teams can continue to capture, produce, and deliver content.

As the digital landscape evolves, Perifery empowers organizations to streamline workflows, meet the growing demands of data storage, and foster seamless collaboration among media professionals. Committed to transforming how organizations handle digital assets, Perifery could be considered ‘a beacon of innovation’ in today's data-driven landscape.

Specializing in the challenges of the M&E sector, the Perifery products and solutions redefine data management, optimizing, securing, and unifying content seamlessly. From breaking down silos to accelerating monetization through edge processing, Perifery propels organizations toward a future where data is a strategic asset for growth.

Addressing Data Management Challenges

Data is the backbone of the media industry. But along with the immense value it holds, there comes significant challenges and risks. As well as the obvious safeguarding concerns are also challenges around accessibility, scalability, workflow continuity and optimization.

Ensuring data is easily accessible is essential for efficient data management. The ability to retrieve data when needed is paramount to ensuring seamless workflows and timely decision-making. And more so now than ever. In an era of remote work and distributed teams, the need to maintain accessibility is vital for continuity and collaboration. The imperative for accessibility, however, must be balanced with stringent permission controls to thwart unauthorized access, safeguarding against data loss and security breaches.

Likewise, a scalable data management system is foundational for ongoing innovation, allowing businesses to seamlessly expand their storage capabilities as demands evolve. Scalability isn't just about handling larger datasets; it's about futureproofing, providing the agility needed to harness emerging opportunities and tackle unforeseen challenges.

The symbiotic benefits between accessibility and scalability not only fortifies operational resilience but also positions organizations to navigate the dynamic landscape of data management with foresight and adaptability. Together, these components form an integral part of a holistic data management strategy, helping to optimize workflows and facilitate continuity.

Yet, while many tech vendors claim to offer products and solutions that address the above concerns, in reality, there are very few that can provide a full package.

The Perifery Advantage

Perifery's commitment to optimizing data is unparalleled, ensuring that it becomes more manageable, secure, and efficient. The Perifery tools and solutions enable creative teams and content owners to extract maximum value from their digital assets, allowing you to work smarter and monetize faster.

Perifery helps you:

  • Optimize your data to be more manageable, secure, and efficient.
  • Harness the power of your data efficiently and economically.
  • Unify your siloed data into interoperable workflows.
  • Monetize your digital assets more quickly by performing critical pre-processing tasks at the edge of your workflows.
  • Maintain non-proprietary access to your data even if you eventually switch data platforms.

Learn more about the Perifery solutions and get more out of your digital assets.

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