The Cutting-Edge: The Rise of Edge Technology in Media and Entertainment

January 25, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

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2024 promises to bring a surge in the integration of edge technology across media and entertainment workflows. This shift is not about managing complex devices but deploying intelligent, self-contained tools that bring efficiency to the forefront. As organizations look to enhance their production capabilities, the adoption of edge technology is set to play a pivotal role, marking a significant step toward a more autonomous and streamlined future in media production.

In this blog post, we explore the imminent role of edge technology over the next year, especially in the context of self-contained, AI-powered devices that seamlessly prepare and process data locally before moving it to the next stage, be it on-premises or in the cloud.

Advantages of Edge Technology in M&E

Edge technology in the media and entertainment industry involves processing data near to the source of its generation, enabling quicker response times and seamless viewing experiences. This approach is breathing new life into content delivery systems, ensuring that audiences can enjoy high-quality, low-latency experiences on various devices.

Sharing his predictions for the year ahead with TVB Europe, Jonathan Morgan, SVP Product & Technology at Perifery, said: “Edge-based solutions that allow large-scale data capture and content pre-processing, or local availability before sending content on to central solutions, enable far more efficient workflows.“

The allure of incorporating edge technology lies in its ability to reduce data volume, swiftly extract metadata, and optimize content for the subsequent stages of the production process. This not only enhances efficiency but also streamlines workflows, making certain production tasks more agile and cost-effective. Edge technology removes the expenses associated with moving content, allowing organizations to simplify video production and distribution and easily reach global audiences.

The Power of Containerized Object Storage

The technological advancements we're witnessing extend beyond just raw computing power. Object storage is also evolving to meet the demands of a changing landscape. As data volumes diversify, traditional object storage architectures are having to adapt, especially in response to the unique challenge of data gravity – where an increasing volume of data exerts a gravitational pull, requiring applications and services to move closer. This is driving a need for storage systems that can be deployed closer to these data-intensive applications.

Containerized object storage equipped with AI capabilities is enabling local processing and preparation of data. This is a game-changer for various applications, from recording and broadcasting live events to quick local transcoding for immediate news articles. These devices act autonomously, requiring minimal management, and are poised to revolutionize many aspects of workflows in the M&E sector.

Real-World Applications in Media Production

As we move towards a more connected and data-driven world, the importance of edge technology becomes increasingly evident. An edge device, leveraging its self-contained AI, can locally process and prepare footage before seamlessly transmitting it to the next stage for broadcasting. Jonathan Morgan shared an example, “Imagine a lower league football game that is auto edited at the edge before being passed back, or a pro basketball game with statistics available in real time.”

Similarly, in the realm of news production, local transcode processes can be executed on edge devices, ensuring that articles are broadcast-ready without overwhelming the central on-premises systems.

The result? Unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Through 2024 and beyond, Perifery is maximizing opportunities for content-driven organizations by offering innovative solutions that are shaping the future of data storage. Find out more about Perifery’s Edge applications.

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