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November 1, 2023 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

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NAB New York returned to the Javits Center for its 2023 edition last month, with total preliminary registered attendance reaching more than 12,000 – up 28% on last year. Ahead of the event opening, several members of the Perifery team stepped away from the busy booth setup to host a webinar with new partner, Seagate.

Perifery’s Jonathan Morgan, Seth Cohen, and Abhi Dey, joined Mark Anderson of Seagate, to explore how the newly announced technical partnership is set to transform media workflows.

Abhi Dey, GM and COO at Perifery, began by introducing the recently established collaboration, “We’re excited to have this partnership with Seagate and to talk about some of the new and emerging technologies we are shipping together and bringing to market for our customers.”

Seth Cohen, VP of sales – Americas, elaborated on the significance of the partnership by highlighting the unique synergy between Perifery’s object-based storage solutions and Seagate’s cutting-edge hardware technology. The combination of which will address the needs of high-density storage in media libraries and nearline workflows. He said, “We're a software, technologically advanced object-based storage S3, that's looking for a technology superior storage system, and we have that with someone like Seagate.”

Mark Anderson, a solutions team manager at Seagate, added to Seth’s comment by discussing the added value brought to users through the combination of products. “[Perifery’s] product is industry-leading, and we love the value-add created by the combination of our own proprietary products, like our CORVAULT, in combination with Swarm, and for that matter, Object Matrix as well.” He continued, “They're two tremendous products for users who are trying to do object storage, whether it's in the form of private cloud or archive, or whatever the needs are.”

Abhi asked Seth to elaborate on the solutions that the two companies are bringing to users. Seth emphasized that the collaboration benefits both companies, and more importantly, their end users, who are seeking efficient and secure storage solutions for their high-density file environments.

Jonathan Morgan, SVP Product & Technology at Perifery, added insights into the problem-solving aspect of the partnership. “When you go back to the customer and you actually have a scalable solution that reserves data with the highest levels with the least amounts of management, that's what object storage is; that's what CORVAULT is; that's what bringing them together.” He continued, “You can't have the object storage without the hardware; you can't have the hardware without the software. Marry them together, bring the best of breed together, and that's what makes this whole relationship exciting.”

Moving the conversation to the topic of NAB, Abhi asked the panellists to highlight their experiences at the show over the years. Seth, Jonathan, and Mark all expressed their enthusiasm for the event, with anticipation this year around advancements in AI, containerization, and hybrid workflows.

The webinar concluded with a call to visit the Perifery and Seagate booths to learn more about the partnership and explore the transformative technologies they are bringing to market.

Missed the live session? Watch on-demand now.

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