Revolutionizing Media Storage: A Dynamic Partnership Between Perifery and ERA

January 31, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

A Dynamic Partnership Between Perifery and ERA

Following the recent partnership announcement between Perifery and ERA, Pete Watling, Sales Director at Perifery, and Sean Baker, Managing Director at ERA, hosted a webinar to explore the new collaboration further. Why does the integration matter? And how is set to transform the media storage landscape? 

Kicking off the webinar a few moments late, Pete Watling shared an amusing anecdote about finding himself locked out of his house during a dog walk. Despite his unexpected setting, Pete set the stage for an informative chat. 

For those unfamiliar, Pete introduced Perifery, the media division of DataCore which specializes in software solutions and applications for the media and entertainment sector. Boasting a portfolio including the Object Matrix and Swarm object storage solutions, the Vision asset management tool, and advanced applications, as well as having tight integrations with leading third parties, Pete describes Perifery’s ethos as “to ensure that all of our customers have unrivalled access to their content at all times”.  

Sean Baker provided the audience with a quick overview of ERA. With 25 years of industry presence, ERA focuses on providing infrastructure-as-a-service and on-demand services in the media and entertainment sector. He stated that ERA support clients “across the scope of high-resolution type workstation storage connectivity and associated workflow tools that go with that.” 

Elaborating on the well-established partnership existing between ERA and DataCore, Sean explained the decision to integrate with Perifery’s Object Matrix, “we've known and worked with Object Matrix for a really long time, probably going back to 2005 on and off. But more recently, Object Matrix has become part of our infrastructure, and certainly on our object storage offering and tying into our platform.” Pete agreed, saying that the collaboration “just made sense”. 

The duo discussed the integration of Perifery's Object Matrix platform into ERA's infrastructure, touching on APIs, the Vision interface, and future expansion. Highlighting the benefits of the Object Matrix tie into the ERA archive platform, Coeus, Sean said, “It opens up a world of applications for us from a workflow perspective to meet more of our clients’ needs.”  

The conversation also explored the seamless tie ins between both Object Matrix and Coeus and popular tools such as Axle and Avid. The combination of technology certainly aims to provide clients with comprehensive and flexible storage solutions for the long-term. 

ERA's robust network capabilities were emphasized, providing high-speed, unlimited connectivity for clients both internally and externally. The technical integration is removing limitations on storage capacity, and coupled with strong support services from both sides, positions the collective partnership as a reliable solution for clients with varying needs. 

Looking ahead to the future of the partnership, Pete and Sean envision growth in archive services, leveraging best-of-breed tools to meet evolving industry demands. The continuous development of features, including AI functionality in Vision, showcases a commitment to staying at the forefront of media storage innovation. 

From the conversation, it's evident that the partnership holds immense potential to revolutionize media storage. As the industry evolves, ERA and Perifery are poised to meet the dynamic needs of media and entertainment professionals worldwide.

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