Revolutionize Content Retrieval in the AI Era: How Perifery Redefines Storage Optimization with Tier 2 Ingenuity

May 16, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Deepika Bajaj

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In today's data-driven world, media teams constantly seek ways to store, manage, and retrieve their content more efficiently. With the sheer volume of information being generated daily, traditional storage solutions can be limiting and costly. That's where Perifery comes in, revolutionizing how organizations optimize storage by leveraging tier 2 storage and AI-enhanced workflows to empower users and maximize efficiency.

Intelligent Ingestion into Tier 2 Storage

A key feature of Perifery's innovative solution is the ability to seamlessly ingest assets into tier 2 storage. Tier 2 storage serves as an economical yet highly functional middle ground between the expensive, fast-access tier 1 storage and the more cost-effective but slower long-term archival tier 3 storage. Perifery’s intelligent ingestion identifies which data can be safely and effectively stored in tier 2 without sacrificing accessibility.

Metadata Enhancement through AI Workflows

The beauty of storing media content in tier 2 is that it remains readily available, especially with the added benefit of Perifery's AI-driven workflows. These workflows actively enhance metadata, making data discovery easier and more precise. By augmenting metadata, Perifery provides richer context around each data point, ensuring that users can find the right information at the right time.

Through natural language processing (NLP), Perifery’s AI workflows simplify the transcription, summarization, and organization of video assets. Users can access and comprehend vast amounts of content quickly, significantly reducing the time spent searching, and increasing productivity.

I.C.E (Intelligent Content Engine) for Easy Retrieval

Beyond optimizing data storage and enhancing metadata, Perifery’s Intelligent Content Engine assistant simplifies the retrieval process. Instead of requiring users to navigate complex search criteria or perform tedious queries manually, Perifery allows for natural language searches. Just as one might interact with a human assistant, users can ask the virtual assistant, AIMEE, questions directly or use search terms that align with their everyday language. The AI assistant understands intent and retrieves relevant results quickly, even if users aren't sure of the exact phrasing or terms to use.


Perifery provides a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes storage optimization. By intelligently ingesting media into tier 2 storage, enhancing metadata with AI workflows, and offering virtual assistance for intuitive search and retrieval, businesses can harness the power of their content without being bogged down by inefficiencies. It's a game-changing approach that empowers media organizations to focus on what matters most while ensuring that their data is securely and optimally managed.

Embrace Perifery's solution to unlock the potential of your data, and join the new era of efficient, AI-enhanced storage.

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