New Content Management Solution from Perifery Accelerates and Elevates Media Production

May 22, 2023 · 2 min read
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By Linda Thomson

Perifery, a recently launched division of DataCore was created to provide compelling content management solutions for the broadcast industry. At NAB 2023 in Las Vegas, Perifery CEO Dave Zabrowski shares the company’s vision and development of a product that will dramatically streamline workflow for video producers. It’s a critical time for media producers, given the vast amounts of data they must now juggle to create content efficiently and effectively. In addition to data stored on traditional local servers, producers are now storing and retrieving content from the cloud and streaming sources.


“Imagine having to search endlessly for the right piece of content. It holds up the creative process and makes the job more difficult than it should be,” Zabrowski explains. Media producers need to get at the data fast and in an organized fashion to complete projects quickly—the new Perifery AI+ announced at NAB is the enabler.

Meta-aware and intuitive, Perifery AI+ accelerates content searching, browsing, reviewing, and previewing, enabling users to rapidly locate content clips and objects based on specific topics. It’s THE missing link to maintaining productivity in today’s data-rich environments. “Plus, it’s ready for the future,” says Zabrowski- as he describes how producers may one day also have access to new sources of content, such as data from consumer wearables. 

During an exclusive interview with Perifery CEO Dave Zabrowski, we learn how the needs of media producers have advanced to a point requiring a more sophisticated means of content storage and retrieval. The company’s new Perifery Panel was created to do just that. Watch the video below to hear how.

For more information about Perifery AI+ and how content producers can benefit from integrating it into their workflow, please visit

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