Insights from SMPTE Media Technology Summit 2023

December 22, 2023 · 3 min read
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By Ben Canter

Insights from SMPTE Media Technology Summit 2023

Orlando is known for Disney World, great weather, and world class golf courses. But those in media and entertainment also know that Orlando is home to SMPTE’s Technical Conference. About 200 of the regions industry professionals come together to share, learn, network, and celebrate. This year, I was lucky enough to share how Perifery is helping organizations with modernizing their content archives.

This 2-day event covered a wide range of topics, including generative AI, cloud playout, network monitoring, audio over IP and many more. The open format allowed attendees to dive deeper beyond the general sessions with more interactive breakout sessions. In addition, there were dozens of vendors offering individual attention in the exhibit hall. Day 1 was completed with the annual holiday dinner that left all in great spirits and ready to learn more on day 2.

Ben Canter at SMPTE

Day 2 is when we got to share our success to the wide audience on the main stage. During the interactive session, we reviewed how Perifery offers ways to integrate cloud-based AI services, like object recognition, transcoding, and translation services, with an on-premises archive.

We also shared how it’s even possible to bring some of those costly cloud AI services to the edge to shorten time to process. Using our recent success at WRAL (read about it here) as an example, the potential savings and improved access got the Q&A portion very active to say the least.

We also had our breakout session well attended to dive deeper into the specifics of the Perifery solution portfolio. That quickly led to a discussion of how the storing and handling of metadata is more critical than ever to long term retention of assets. The audience were amazed at our ability to use the AI models to enrich the metadata of the archived content and embed it in a way to make the file (and its metadata) completely portable. Finding all relevant content became simple and efficient, while leading to faster remonetizing of the assets.

With the final remarks being completed and the vendors’ last package prepared to be shipped back, it gave one last period of networking. Maybe it was the great interactions… or maybe the bourbon, but it seemed that the connections made were stronger than a typical event. Many of us can’t wait to see one another again and see how all we learned is improving our environments.

If you are interested in learning about how we integrate AI and cloud services as part of an archive strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also view a recent webinar to see our AI+ engine in action: Virtual Showcase.

Either way, I hope your holiday season is filled with as many great connections as the ones I made on my recent trip to Orlando.

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