Edge Technology: The Data Storage Paradigm

September 12, 2023 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

Edge Technology: The Data Storage Paradigm

Highlighting the rapid growth in data, in a recent article for Dutch IT Leaders, DataCore and Perifery CEO Dave Zabrowski stated, “Compute will increasingly move to the data at the edge instead of the other way around.” – A statement which captures the fundamental shift in the way we approach data storage and processing. 

We are living through a pivotal moment in the evolution of IT infrastructure. Traditional data center architectures, where data gravitates towards centralized hubs, are no longer practical in a world where data production has no limits. Instead, with a focus on bringing computing closer to where the data originates, edge technology is set to revolutionize the IT ecosystem. 

Edge storage is fundamentally altering the way we handle data. Instead of funneling data to remote data centers, edge technology places resources at the source of data generation, eliminating the need for long-distance data transfers. Dave explained the process, “Processing and analysis take place at the edge and only metadata - a fraction of the total - is brought to the center. We call that data buoyancy. Where data gravity becomes the problem, data buoyancy is the solution.” 

Although data processing and analyzing requirements are driving the move to the edge, object storage continues to deliver a cost-effective solution for processing large amounts of data quickly. Perifery’s solutions, Swarm (also available from our parent company, DataCore) and Object Matrix, help to lower the costs and complexities of maintaining less frequently accessed content, while ensuring frequently accessed content remains instantly available. Both products focus on scalability and security, helping organizations protect and preserve their valuable content for the long-term. 

By using an on-premise or cloud-based object storage solution, combined with storage at the edge, organizations across many verticals can benefit from highly optimized workflows. Furthermore, using the above in conjunction with the power of AI, the possibilities become endless. AI facilitates automation and allows real-time decisions to be made. Dave shared a media workflow example, “Think of AI-supported product placement for a series that is streamed worldwide, where it is determined in the edge how often a certain product is shown. If you do all that in a data center, you have to send huge amounts of data back and forth.” 

Not a very efficient process when you consider the alternative! 

Dave explained that by processing data at its source and sending the relevant metadata to your location of choice, you are utilizing your assets more sustainably, both in terms of IT and energy. This convergence of technologies is driving innovation and transforming how organizations operate. 

Object storage is the fastest growing product range for DataCore and forms the foundations of the Perifery business unit, but there is no escaping from the technology paradigm of the edge. Despite the challenges that may lay ahead, DataCore, Perifery, and partners, are poised to lead the way to maximize opportunities and offer innovation solutions that will shape the future of data storage.

You can read Dave Zabrowski’s full article here.

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