Above and Beyond: 4 Reasons Why Private Cloud Storage Outshines Public Cloud

May 22, 2024 · 3 min read
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By Rhian Morgan

Above and Beyond: 4 Reasons Why Private Cloud Storage Outshines Public Cloud

They say the sky is the limit, and private cloud storage is certainly heightening opportunities for organizations in the media and entertainment sector. Although often overshadowed by large public cloud providers, private cloud solutions tend to offer levels of security, control, and pricing that can’t be compared.

Managing growing libraries of content can be challenging, especially if your tools and technology fail to meet the needs of modern media workflows. M&E organizations require agile solutions that can scale seamlessly, adapt to changing requirements, and empower teams to work creatively.

Relying solely on public cloud storage can limit your ability to work effectively. And while it may appear to be a financially efficient alternative to private cloud offerings, the costs soon add up. As our Sales Director, EMEA, Peter Watling recently highlighted, “Manageable costs can easily escalate," adding “this means that the potentially palatable costs actually result in a wildly expensive exercise with very little predictability to forecast - far from ideal for any business to model.”

Read more of Pete’s insights here.

As well as unpredictable costs, public cloud typically lacks in customization, performance, and control needed to manage a media workflow. The inability to configure your own storage can negatively impact productivity and innovation. Likewise, public cloud environments tend to fall short in the data-protection department. With reduced visibility and control over your data, your organization may become more vulnerable to potential breaches.

In contrast, private cloud storage offers a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to the unique needs of your M&E organization.

1. Security and Control

Whether part of a production studio, post house, or broadcast company, you’ll need robust security measures to maintain the protection of your digital assets. Private cloud storage ensures sensitive data remains safeguarded against unauthorized users. You control your storage environment, determining who gets access to data, as well as defining how it is stored and how it is used.

2. Customization and Scalability

One size does not fit all when it comes to cloud storage solutions. A private cloud offering provides you with the flexibility to customize your infrastructure to your organization’s unique requirements. Whether scaling up to accommodate growth or optimizing resources, private cloud offers a level of flexibility that public cloud can’t compete with.

3. Performance and Reliability

In creative environments where downtime is not an option, performance and reliability are paramount. Private cloud storage allows you to optimize performance by dedicating resources solely to your organization. This results in improved data access and faster response times. By eliminating the risks associated with shared infrastructure, private clouds ensure consistency in both performance and reliability.

4. Cost-Efficiency and TCO

While public cloud solutions may initially seem cost-effective, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can escalate significantly. Private cloud storage offers a more predictable cost structure, allowing your team to store and retrieve media assets without the worry of egress and additional fees.

Overall, private cloud storage outperforms public cloud on every level. It is important to note, however, that not all private cloud solutions are created equal.

Specifically designed for the media and entertainment sector, OM Cloud from Perifery is simple yet powerful, making it easier for you to store and find your content. With robust data protection built-in, transparent pricing, and zero egress fees, OM Cloud puts you in complete control of your assets.

Ready to reach new heights in your media workflow? Discover OM Cloud.

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