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The Significance of Perifery

July 19, 2023 · 2 min read
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By Meryl Cook

The Significance of Perifery

Have you ever heard the phrase “you say tomato, I say tomato” (pronounced toMAYto/toMAHto)?

It’s a common expression that refers to the tiny distinctions people make when pronouncing everyday words, and I’m here to tell you that it applies to company names in the business world, too.

When we introduced Perifery as a new division of DataCore in April, we received numerous questions about how to pronounce the name and what exactly it means!

At our 2023 NAB Show booth in Las Vegas, I commonly heard Perifery being mispronounced as “pe- ri- FAIRY.”

To clear up any confusion, Perifery is pronounced as pə-ˈri-f(ə-)rē.


Why Perifery?

Our inspiration for Perifery came from the English word “periphery.”

Dictionary.com defines the word periphery as “the perimeter” or “the outwards bounds of something as distinguished from its internal regions or center.”

Since our new business division is committed to high-growth edge markets, including media and entertainment, health care, retail, and manufacturing, the word periphery is a perfect fit for what we do. We decided to give the spelling of the word a slight twist to make it memorable. And, that’s how the name Perifery was born.

What is the Edge?

The reason why we’re focused on the edge market is because it’s on a fast track for growth. Gartner predicts that by 2025, over 50% of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed at the edge. We want to provide our customers with innovative edge devices and solutions that speed up content monetization and offer more cost-predictable storage, AI services, and preprocessing technology options. Ultimately, the goal is to help our customers evolve and avoid unpredictable public cloud service and egress fees.

Users in the M&E space can improve their workflow efficiency, reduce costs, speed up time of delivery, and monetize digital assets faster by performing critical pre-processing tasks at the edge of their workflows.

Stay tuned to learn more about Perifery’s technology innovations that are transforming workflows in high-growth edge markets and see how Perifery is boosting the bottom line for users.

Do you have any questions about Perifery? Reach out to our team at hello@perifery.com.

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