What is Sports Video Storage Nirvana?

February 15, 2024 · 2 min read
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By Jonathan Morgan

What is Sports Video Storage Nirvana?

How to answer that?! I’ll start with “what’s sports storage hell?”

When we started working with one national Rugby union, they had eight different departments all with their own video tapes (!!), camera cards, disk drives (on shelves), and online islands of video media. There were security holes, data loss risks, access challenges and inefficiencies all built into the day-to-day lives of too many people who were working there.

And we’ve seen it repeated in the sports industry with customers from professional football, tennis, basketball and sports stadiums.

It may be an extreme example, but it’s completely understandable.

Video usage within teams, organisations and stadiums has grown far faster than possibly in any other media and entertainment sector. Roll over broadcasters!

And with fast growth comes paradigm shifts.

Sports is scrambling to monetise content, provide analysis for strategic reasons and to use video for promotional reasons.

But to provide “nirvana” (I’ll get back to that) technology companies in the M&E industry, like Perifery, cannot just apply broadcast and post-production systems to sports.

Sports is unique. It utilises AI workflows to gain deep statistical insights. That creates different demands on the usage of data. It ingests data from multiple sources and locations, not just from a camera studio. And, the systems supplied need to work seamlessly with sports focused MAMs and third parties, both in cloud and on-premises scenarios.

Despite the wealth that some people associate with sports, the reality is that the media departments need to work not just with extremely modern workflows, but also in cost efficient ways.

So just as it is beholden on sports clubs and organisations to rethink “what should I be doing with my video”, media technology companies are duty-bound to completely rethink their offerings.

What’s your definition of sports storage nirvana? Mine is that the storage solution you’ve picked is built for purpose and means that you don’t have to spend 2 minutes a day managing or thinking about it. A silent, powerful, secure partner that lets you get on with managing growth.

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