How to Leverage Nostalgic Archive Content and Boost Monetization with Object Storage

June 25, 2024 · 4 min read
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By Leanne Tomlin

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Although the supply of original movies and TV shows has declined, the demand for content remains at its peak. Media organizations are presented with unique opportunities to leverage archive content to keep their audiences satisfied.

Writing for Forbes1, psychologist Mark Travers explained the role digital archives play within the surge in demand for nostalgic content, “These digital repositories allow individuals to explore and rediscover cultural treasures from the past, bolstering our sense of connection to history and heritage.”

A wealth of possibilities lies within existing media libraries. Revisiting these archives can open new doors to engagement and monetization. But to unlock that potential, you need the key. And the key lies within technology that streamlines the management and retrieval of assets. After all, an asset is only an asset if it is making you money!

The key to unlocking potential

Archiving isn’t only about storing old content; it’s about preserving valuable assets so they can be repurposed and monetized. Archiving ensures that classic movies, TV shows, and other media content remain accessible for future use. This content can be used to create new viewing experiences through dedicated FAST channels and nostalgic content reruns that spark joy within viewers.

However, managing extensive archives can be challenging. Traditional storage solutions often fall short, with content so deep within the storage system – and often without necessary metadata - that it can’t be located, accessed, and retrieved efficiently. Not only does this cause restraints in terms of broadcasting, but it also impacts the ability to satisfy demand and reduces the potential for monetization. Together, these issues can leave you behind in the content race, with your competitors passing the finish line before you’ve even got your running shoes on!

Here’s a little secret: your competitors are probably using object storage technology to get ahead.

Object storage for archiving

Object storage technology is revolutionizing the way broadcasters manage and leverage their archival media content. Here’s how:

  1. Object storage offers virtually unlimited capacity, allowing broadcasters to store vast amounts of data without worrying about running out of space. As assets are repurposed, this scalability is crucial for managing larger resolutions and multiple formats. Broadcasters can expand their archives effortlessly, ensuring every piece of content remains preserved and readily available.
  2. Storing large volumes of data can be expensive, but object storage provides a cost-effective solution. By reducing storage costs, broadcasters can allocate more resources to content creation, marketing, and other revenue-generating activities to maximize the value of existing content.
  3. With quick content retrieval speed and accessibility, object storage enables broadcasters to respond rapidly to audience demands. Whether it's a surge in interest for a classic show or repurposing footage for new productions, object-based archiving ensures content is always within reach.
  4. Whereas traditional systems often lack in the metadata department, object storage features metadata enrichment, making content discoverability more intuitive and meaningful. By enriching metadata, broadcasters can manage and navigate vast content libraries faster.
  5. If not built-in, object storage platforms can integrate seamlessly with analytics tools, offering broadcasters deep insights into viewer preferences and behaviors. Analyzing viewing data, such as what’s being watched and re-watched, informs personalized recommendations and targeted marketing to drive further engagement.
  6. Media archives need to be preserved for the long term, and object storage offers high durability and reliability. Broadcasters can trust that their valuable assets will be safe and accessible for years to come, without the risk of data loss or degradation.

Boosting engagement to maximize monetization

By leveraging the benefits of media-focused object storage, organizations can maximize engagement, analyze it, and monetize their archives efficiently. Appetite for historic and nostalgic content is ripe, and with the right technology in place, broadcasters can turn their existing content into dynamic assets that not only meet current demands but also drive future growth and success.

Built for the media industry, Perifery’s intelligent storage solutions and workflow tools enable seamless access to your content from anywhere, at any time. Learn how our solutions can help you optimize storage, streamline workflows, protect content, and get more value out of every asset.

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